On March 9, 2016, as Melinda was preparing for a trip to Australia to be with our daughter for the birth of our daughter’s second child, I asked the Lord how I could bless her in her going. It is my practice to bless my wife  as a way to build her up and encourage her. The honest truth - from my perspective - is that she encourages me much more than I encourage her. On the day this song came, I was simply meditating on ways to bless her…thinking about all the ways she encourages me…pondering what my life would be like without her. Such thoughts reduced me to gratitude toward and intimacy with God. Before I knew it, I was singing the words to Father in praise and singing them over my wife in honest confession. I taught the song to our home church the very night I received it but did not tell Melinda the story behind the song so I could surprise her with the story the day before she left for Australia. I wanted her last thought of me to be one of deep encouragement, blessing, and how much she means to me.

    Yes, this is both a love song to my wife and a love song to my Maker. Melinda is not my Savior nor is she my Redeemer. But my Redeemer lives in and through her and uses her to keep my mind focused on the King and upon the Kingdom…which brings me to think about the things that are necessary to sustain and live an abundant life in spite of our circumstances.

    There are several things necessary for life to be sustained…to be lived fully. We need food to fuel our physical bodies…every aspect and system of our bodies requires fuel. Just as we need food to fuel our bodies, we must also remember that 60% of our human bodies are composed of water. Water is required for every system in the human body from our skin to our organs to our bones and brains. Without food we can survive for about three weeks. Without water we can survive for about 7 days…but there is one component of our existence we cannot live more than three minutes without…and that is the air we breathe. While all those components are needed for physical life to be sustained, we must always bear in mind that we are more than physical beings. We are spirit beings as well. Because we have a spirit at the core of our being, we must remember to take care of our spirit and meet the requirements of every human spirit and soul that has ever or will ever exist…and that is to know and to be known. It’s called relationship. we are wired for relationship with other people and we are ultimately wired for relationship with God.

    This is why this song operates on two levels. I  know I need relationship with God the Father through nurturing intimacy with Christ via the Holy Spirit. Intimacy requires that I not only receive life but that I give life as well. Just as when Melinda and I nurture our relationship on every level, be it physical intimacy or intimacy of the soul, life begets more  life. I give life to her and she gives life to me and our lives are sustained in the process…and not just sustained…but our lives thrive on such deep intimacy. I do not want to simply survive - just get by. I want to thrive. I see the need for human intimacy as just as vital to my life as food, water, and the air I breathe

    As important as nurturing my relationship with my wife, my children, my grandchildren, and my friends might be, none of them can ever replace my need for intimacy with Christ. In fact, I believe every human relationship is enhanced and made to thrive more fully when lived out through a giving and receiving and nurturing my relationship with Jesus Christ. Before I share the song, let’s just quickly talk through the lyrics. Verse one begins…

Just like the air I breathe
I know I need Your love
If I am to survive
Your love is life to me
Like the air I breathe

Just like the air I need
I need to breathe Your love
And You give me Your life
Your love is life to me
Like My need to breathe

    Relationship with Holy Spirit of God is like breathing. It is necessary. I do not think it any coincidence that the word for Spirit in the Word of God is the Greek Word, pneuma which means breath! Just as vital to life as the physical air we breathe is breathing in the presence of God. I don’t know about you, but I want my spiritual lungs to be filled constantly!

Let’s look at verse two:

Just the air I breathe
I breathe in deep Your love
And there I find my life
Your love is life to me
Like the air I breathe
Just like the air I need
I breathe in deep Your love
And there I am revived
Your love is life to me
Like my need to breathe

    Key to my relationship with God is the belief that He loves me. If I did not believe God loved me I would not be able to bear the sorrows and trials of life…but because I am convinced He loves me and wants nothing but what is best for me, I believe there is nothing I cannot endure in this life. Like the air I breathe, I breathe in deeply of God’s love for me. Moment by moment until I do not even have to think about it anymore. It’s as natural for me as taking in a physical breath of air. Life is good knowing I am loved…regardless of what comes my way.

The chorus of this song is my favorite part. It says…

I could not survive without You
I could never thrive without You
I could not feel alive without You
You are my life
I’d be left behind without You
I think I’d lose my mind without You
So lost no one could find without You
You are my life

    I believe life is meant to be an adventure. I believe that life will not be easy at times. Sorrows come. the enemy sends temptations my way. We are in spiritual battle for our very thoughts. I believe life is meant to be abundant in spite of my circumstances and like I said before, I do not want to simply survive. My desire is to thrive! Life is meant to be enjoyed. As you listen to the song, You Are My Life, take time to breathe in deeply of God’s presence and love for you. He is as close as your next breath!
Dennis Jernigan

…for in Him we live and move and exist…
Acts 17:28 NASB

“I am the way, and the truth, and the life; no one comes to the Father but through Me.” Jesus
John 14:6 NASB

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